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(16th July, 2018)

History of F.D.O.S

Winter show

Formerly called Lidcombe Hospital Orchid Society Inc.

The society was formed in 1964 at a meeting in the hospital recreation room attended by just seven people.

The founding executive comprised of:
President - Fred Watts (a male nurse)
Secretary - James Ayres (a gardener)
Treasurer - James Webster (a male nurse)
Patron - The hospital medical Superintendent

May Clewes, her brother Jim, and a couple of wives of executives were the only other members present.

The hope was that orchid growing would provide a useful interest for the hospital's resident inmates. While it failed in this respect, society membership grew as new members were attracted from staff and others from outside the hospital. There was a plan to build orchid housed on the hospital grounds but this never came to fruition.

The society held its first show in 1965. Perhaps it was more correctly an exhibition with a limited number of plants being benched by the few members and no prize money being offered.

Women members marked 1971 as an important year for them as they acted as marshals at that years show, because male members were all at work during the setup time during the day. An exciting occasion for the society was its move in July 1985 from makeshift meeting facilities in the recreation room to its own multi-room premises in the historic precinct of the hospital.

The society's first fund raising projects included regular operation of a plant sales stall outside the hospital's main entrance. Cakes and sewing were added progressively to the items on sale

It is recorded that the hospital then joined in and so the annual Lidcombe Hospital Fete was born. The last Lidcombe Hospital Fete and Orchid Show was held on September, 9th 1995. Due to closure of Lidcombe Hospital, the orchid society had to vacate its meeting rooms at the hospital, and after much searching, a suitable hall in teh area was not available, so the society moves to Villawood Senior Citizen's Hall and held its first meeting there on November, 8th 1995.

As the Lidcombe Hospital no longer existed, the Lidcombe Hospital Orchid Society had to change its name and because of the area, the society now meets it was renamed "FAIRFIELD DISTRICT ORCHID SOCIETY INC." in April 1996.

The society still supports hospitals and charities in the district by means of donations etc. and meets on the second Wednesday of each month, where all members and visitors are welcome.

This article was written by Wal Cruikshank.