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6th Nov, 2011:
FDOS October Newsletter!

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(16th July, 2018)

F.D.O.S News

Updated news from F.D.O.S

November Monthly Meeting

This month's meeting will start at 7:30pm on the 9th November.
Located at the Senior Citizens Hall, 29 Villawood Rd, Villawood.

Beginner's Class will start from 7pm at the meeting room. The Beginner's Class held by our Editor - Maureen would happily answer any questions in regards to orchids. All sessions has been very informative, providing precious information for all members of the society.

Members who wish to join the monthly benching should register their plants before 7:30pm. All plants on the bench should be water free or plants would be disqualified by the judgies. This month's champion night would be for "Australian Native - Sarcochilus".

Hope to see all members and guests at the October Meeting :)

Benching Results - October 2011

Den. Yukadurama 'The King' Champion Softcane Dendrobium
Den. Yukadurama 'The King'
[Owned By - Diana Carvey]

OPEN - Best Exhibit
Masd. Rainbow Tiger 'Royale'
[Owned By - T & S Crosby]

NOVICE - Best Exhibit
Den. Hoshimusume 'Smile'
[Owned By - Pisey You]

Benching Results - September 2011

Den. spec. 'Mt Larcom Gold' x curv. 'Daylight Moon' FCC/AOC-ANOS Champion Cattleya (over 90mm)
Blc. Sylvia Fry 'Supreme'
[Owned By - T Costa & S Crosby]

Champion Australian Native
Den. spec. 'Mt Larcom Gold' x curv. 'Daylight Moon' FCC/AOC-ANOS
[Owned By - Stephen Ly]

OPEN - Best Exhibit
Bl. Yellow Bird
[Owned By - Danny Buila]

NOVICE - Best Exhibit
Angraecum veitchi
[Owned By - Dale Brown]

Benching Results - August 2011

Cym. Sarah Jean 'Helen' HCC/OSCOV OPEN - Best Exhibit
Cym. Dr Baker X Negrito
[Owned By - T Costa & S Crosby]

NOVICE - Best Exhibit
Cym. Sarah Jean 'Helen' HCC/OSCOV
[Owned By - Stephen Ly]