2016 Major Show:

FDOS Winter Show:
20th - 23rd July, 2016

Fairfield Forum
Shopping Centre

FDOS Spring Show:
31st Aug - 3rd Sep, 2016

Fairfield Forum
Shopping Centre

Office Bearers:

Maggie Chang Email

Vice President
Maria Brutto

Maria ShawishEmail

Maggie Chang

Committee Members:

Mario Attard

Marga Zanatech

Hermine Wagner

Newsletter Editor:

Maggie Chang

Web Admin:

Stephen Ly

(16th July, 2018)

F.D.O.S Shows


We have our shows twice each year. The Winter show is in July, which is held at Fairfield Forum. While the Spring Show is in September. The Spring Show is also held at the Fairfield Forum.

There would be plenty of lovely orchids on display, and there would be plenty of healthy orchids on sale too. It's the best chance to pick up a bargain while enjoying the faboulous displays.

Show Results


FDOS 2015 Spring Show
(9th - 12th September, 2015)

FDOS 2015 Winter Show
(17th - 20th June, 2015)

FDOS 2014 Spring Show
(3rd - 6th September, 2014)

FDOS 2014 Winter Show
(23rd - 26th July, 2014)

FDOS 2013 Spring Show
(3rd - 7th September, 2013)

FDOS 2013 Winter Show
(24th - 27th July, 2013)

FDOS 2012 Spring Show
(5th - 8th September, 2012)

FDOS 2012 Winter Show
(18th - 21st July, 2012)

FDOS 2011 Spring Show
(6th - 10th September, 2011)

FDOS 2011 Winter Show
(26th - 31st July, 2011)