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(16th July, 2018)

F.D.O.S 2013 Spring Show Results


The 2013 FDOS Spring Show was a huge success! This year the Grand Champion, Champion Aus Native & Champion Novice went to an excellently bloomed Den. speciosum 'Bee Creek' x 'National White' owned by Ampai Ruengkasab. It had 3 large spikes with all blooms looking straight at you. What a magnificent display!

This year the novice section was the biggest ever, the Novice had a great contrubution towards the show. Special congratulation to Xuan Quang Ho for exhibiting a Excellent Quality Paphiopedilum. It had great form, excellent colour. Welldone!

Show Results

Grand Champion & Champion Aus Native & Champion Novice

Den. speciosum 'Bee Creek' x
'National White'

Ampai Ruengkasab

Reserve Champion

Den. speciosum var. curv "Misty Mt" x "Daylight Moon"

T. Costa & S. Crosby

Champion Standard Cymbidium

Cym. Lancashire Khan 'Debonair'

Ian and Jessica Hobson

Champion Intermediate Cymbidium

Cym. Valley Regent 'Reggae' X
Alexandras Flame 'Pink Impression'

Hermine Wagner

Champion Miniature Cymbidium

Cym. Memoria Marvin Gaye 'Royale'

Magda Kurtyka

Champion Cattleya

Lc. Gold Digger 'Orchidglade' X
C. Chocolate Drop

Tony Costa and Sandra Crosby

Champion Paphiopedilum

Paph. unknown

Xuan Quang Ho

Champion Species

C. eburneum 'Royale' X 'Tetra Royal'

Otilia Maia

Champion Any Other

Coel. Unchained Melody

Otilia Maia

Champion Floral Art

In A Basket

Laura Valli

Encouragement Award

Cym. Party Girl

Xuan Quang Ho

Stockland Management Choice

Phalaenopsis Unknow

Tony & Maria Brutto