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(16th July, 2018)

F.D.O.S 2015 Spring Show Results

The 2015 FDOS Spring Show was a great success with the support of the Fairfield Forum! This year the Grand Champion & Champion Austraialian Native Species or Hybrid went to an excellently flowered Den. Johnathon's Glory x speciosum, grown by Tony Costa & Sandra Crosby. It had Bright purple blooms with white center. Excellect flower shape with masses of blooms. What a magnificent display!

This year the Novice Champion went to Mila Terkes with an excellently grown Cym. Bellissimo 'Pure'. It had one huge spike with +20 perfect green blooms.

Congratulations to all the members who entered the Spring Show this year. Also a HUGE Thankyou to the Fairfield Forum for kindly sponsoring the Spring Show. See you all next year!

Show Results

Grand Champion & Champion
Aus Native Species / Hybrid

Den. Johnathon's Glory x speciosum

Tony COSTA & Sandra CROSBY

Reserve Champion & Champion Species

Den. pierardii

Tony & Maria BRUTTO

Champion Standard Cymbidium

Cym. Valley Splash 'Awesome'
x So Bold and Beautiful

WAGNER family

Champion Intermediate Cymbidium

Cym. Valley Regent 'Reggae'
x Richard Tauber 'Genesis'

WAGNER family

Champion Miniature Cymbidium

Cym. (Memoria Marvin 4N x
Boon Street 'Feather' Strain 4N)
x Tom Thumb 'Chit Chat'


Champion Cattleya

Sc. Lana Coryell 'Alex L' AM/AOC

Tony COSTA & Sandra CROSBY

Champion Paphiopedilum

Paph. Invincible

Tony & Maria BRUTTO

Champion Any Other

Sartylis Blue Knob

Tony & Maria BRUTTO

Champion Novice

Cym. Bellissimo 'Pure'


Encouragement Award


Centre Management Choice

Phal. Saint Tropez

Tony & Maria BRUTTO