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(16th July, 2018)

F.D.O.S 2011 Winter Show Results


The 2011 FDOS Winter Show was a great success! This year the Grand Champion went to a striking Paph. tonsum X Radiant Tiger owned by Carmen Spiteri. It had 3 blooms with great shape, congrats!

The novice are also doing very well with a fabulous large pink Cattleya owned by Pisey Yu taking out the Champion Novice title.

Show Results

Grand Champion & Champion Paphiopedilum

Paphiopedilum tonsum X Radiant Tiger

Carmen Spiteri

Reserve Champion & Champion Australian Native

Dendrobium Hilda Poxon

Tony Costra & Sandra Crosby

Champion Cymbidium

Cym. Fair Delight 'Polar Bear'

Ian & Jessica Hobson

Champion Cattleya

Lc. Anethystella 'Coerula'

Kim Mung

Champion Species

Medialcar decoratum

Greg Knight

Champion Seedling

Cym. Lunar Flame 'Dural' X Red Khan 'Carmine'

Loui Friess

Champion Any Other

Wils. Hilda Plumtree 'Purple Wings'

Allan Kneipp

Champion Floral Art

Floral art with orchids
as the main key feature

Marga Zanetich

Champion Novice

Cattleya (unknown)

Pisey Yu

Encouragement Award

Cym. Pharoahs Gold X Melinga 'Limelight'

Sita Bishwa