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(16th July, 2018)

F.D.O.S 2012 Winter Show Results


The 2012 FDOS Winter Show was a huge success! This year the Grand Champion & Champion Cymbidium went to an excellently grown Cym. Loui's Pride 'Oasis' HCC/AOC owned by Loui Friess. It had 6 large sprays of blooms with no faults at all on the blooms. What a magnificent display!

This year the novice section was quite a small display, but it was won H. Wagner with an outstanding Cym. Ruby Valley 'Star'. Welldone!

Show Results

Grand Champion & Champion Cymbidium

Cym. Loui's Pride 'Oasis' HCC/AOC

Loui Friess

Reserve Champion & Champion Australian Native

Dendrobium Hilda Poxon

Marga Zanetich

Champion Cattleya

Lc. Amesthystella 'Coerulea'

Kim Mung

Champion Paphiopedilum

Paph. Nitens

Tony Costa & Sandra Crosby

Champion Species

Cym. erythraeum 'Paradise'

Tony & Maria Brutto

Champion Any Other

Masd. Hot Shot 'Cool Dude'

Tony Costa & Sandra Crosby

Champion Floral Art

Theme: Titanic

Irma Freiss

Champion Novice

Cym. Ruby Valley 'Star'

Hermine Wagner

Encouragement Award

Cym. Tracey Redway 'Sungold' x Tom Thumb 'Calliope'

Russell Woods