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(16th July, 2018)

F.D.O.S 2014 Winter Show Results

Paph. Invincible

The 2014 FDOS Winter Show was a great success even with the bad growing season this year! This year the Grand Champion, Champion Paphiopedilum, Champion Species & Best Specimen Orchid went to an excellently grown Paph. insigne 'Aquatix' owned by Quoc L LY & To H LUONG. It had 12 large blooms with no faults at all on the blooms. What a magnificent display!

This year the novice section was a small display, but still had excellently grown orchids. This year the Champion Novice went to Les HORNER. An excellently grown Cym. Flaming Pepper 'Dural', colour was incredibly deep red.

Congratulations to all the members who entered the Winter Show.

Show Results

Grand Champion, Champion Paphiopedilum, Champion Species & Best Specimen Orchid

Paph. insigne 'Aquatix'

Quoc L LY & To H LUONG

Reserve Champion & Champion
Australian Native

Den. (Hilda Poxon x Gai Ellen) x
(Peewee x Graham Hewitt)

Tony COSTA & Sandra CROSBY

Champion Cymbidium

Cym. Shoalhaven 'Touch of Class'

Louie & Irma FRIESS

Champion Cattleya

Cat. Bowbell 'Estella'

Tony & Maria BRUTTO

Champion Any Other Orchid

Odcdm. Mayfair


Champion Floral Art

In A Shell

Louie & Irma FRIESS

Champion Novice

Cym. Flaming Pepper 'Dural'


Encouragement Award

Robert & Leonie BENGE